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The annual American Junior Simbrah Roundup (AJSR) was held in Crescent, Texas the last week of June.  Complete results of the show and contests can be found at www.simbrahworld.com on the junior show tab. Joelynn Rathmann was the showmanship judge, while Clayton Gardowvsky judged the bred and owned cattle and Joe Rathmann was the judge of the owned show. The show drew exhibitors from Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

High Point Overall-Junior-(Left to right sitting 1st-5th)-Kinleigh Compton, Cecilia Guerra, Aiden Glueck, Colt Richter, Bailee Wilson. (Left to right standing 6th-10th)Sawyer Mau, Paisley Lightfoot, Rylee Morrison, Emily McCall and Codie Marie Hill.


High Point Overall-Intermediate-(Left to right sitting 1st-5th) Jennifer Mask, Carlos X. Guerra III, Jarrett Pool, Harper Mau, Charlee Bell. (Left to right standing 6th-10th) Avery Glueck, Luke Mhire, Jess Poole, Gavin Hinckley and Taylor Groce.


High Point Overall-Senior (Left to right sitting 1st-5th)-Leroy Stavinoha, Jr., Erin Stockland, Haley Bryand, Kayla Sansom, Hallie Hackett (not shown). (Left to right standing 6th-10th) Cassidy Fuchs, Carlton Bauer, Carlos Silvestre, Lane Guilbreaux, Braxton Butler.


Scholarship Winners-This year six scholarships were awarded by a combination of funds from the American Junior Simbrah Roundup scholarship monies and the Victor A Guerra Memorial monies. 2021 recipients included (left to right) Mary Sanders ($1,500),  Natalie Eillis ($1,500) Lorelai Hill ($2,000) Cassidy Fuchs ($2,000), Kayla Sansom $2,000 and standing James Hewitt $2,000


Dedication-The 2021 Simbrah Roundup was dedicated to the Leroy Stavinoha Family for their help and  support of the event for many years.


Animo Winner-Ryan Pena was awarded the Animo award in the amount of $1,000, given and funded by the Carlos X. Guerra family. Photo includes Pena, members of the Guerra family and past Animo award recipients.


Grand Champion Bred & Owned Percentage Female-JSJW Just Add Sprinkles, sired by Hensbro Mr Fred FA01, exhibited by Jake Williams.

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Female-BLCO Doja Sails, sired by Smith RFI Black Sails, exhibited by Lorelai Hill.


Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Female-RMC Ms Destiny 266H, sired by RMC Bobby Brown 226D, exhibited by Jennifer Mask.

Grand Champion Bred & Owned and Owned Purebred Bull-C2FDHS Money Train 01H,sired by LMC Gold Medal, exhibited by Cassidy Fuchs.


Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Bull-BFL Expresso, sired by Smith Gaston 272D, exhibited by Charlee Bell.

Grand Champion Owned Percentage Female-Peach Lola H2, sired by Jass On The Mark, exhibited by Kinleigh Compton.


Reserve Grand Champion Owned Percentage Female-LMC Miss Audra 3H/70, sired by HOC Ferdinand 123F, exhibited by Cecilia Guerra.

Grand Champion Owned Percentage Bull-3JP Super Tex, sired by CMFM Keep Dreaming 57YC, exhibited by Jarrett Pool.


Division III Champion and Grand Champion Purebred Female-Smith McCrary Roxie 52H, sired by Smith Made Solid, exhibited by Hallie Hackett.

Division V Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Female-TSC Ginger, sired by TSC Jack, exhibited by Jake Williams.


Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Bull-RGV LMC Mr.Worldwide, sired by LMC 6G Red Rock, exhibited by Ava Vela.

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